We strive to:


- ensure a good taste and quality experience every time a DAN CAKE product is purchased.

- make DAN CAKE inspiring, reliable and to provide a good and sound workplace with interest in the individual employee.

- ensure a high level of food safety following HACCP principles.

- keep constant focus on development and innovation.

- always insisting on using the best raw materials with respect for our surroundings:

  • We use natural flavours; when possible
  • We use natural colours; when possible
  • We use eggs from barn hens
  • We use RSPO-certified palm oil
  • We use UTZ-certified chocolate when possible
  • We produce our own fruit fillings based on DAN CAKE recipes
  • We produce our own creams based on DAN CAKE recipes
  • No raw materials have been genetically modified
  • The content of trans fatty acids is less than 1 % in all of our products 






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