Reaching for the stars and creating a half moon

In 1931 Dan Cake was founded by Jens Eskildsen in a small town called Simmelkjaer a bit north of Give. Jens had big dreams and with hard work he succeeded in creating a healthy business. In 1959 it was necessary to establish better production facilities and the bakery was moved to a new location in Give. That was the start of a bigger and more industrialized production.

Construction of new facilities

Not even ten years after the first move the company had grown to a size that demanded more modern production facilities. This resulted in a completely new factory in Give. The orders kept coming and at the time it was considered a very big industrial production – and success.

The Half Moon and the Strawberry

In 1968 the production of half moons started and only a couple of years later it was joined by the swiss roll. They quickly became a success and today the Half Moon Lemon and the Strawberry Swiss Roll continues to be a favorite. Cakes where no longer only purchased at the baker and the whole family could enjoy cakes in many occasions.

Growing “pains”

In 1978 the company continued to grow and the decision was made to establish the current factory at Hjortsvangen in Give. In the years to follow the company continued to expand, it was sold and further capacity was established abroad including two bakeries and distribution in Poland. In 1998 Dan Cake Russia was established.

Back home

After some years as a part of a foreign company an investor group, including a Danish Company called Givesco, purchased Dan Cake in 2004. A company, which is directed by Erling Eskildsen, and he then returned to the company he created with his father.

3rd Generation

In 2008 Klaus Eskildsen took over as CEO of the company and by that the 3rd generation was ready to lift the legacy of the company.


It is important – and necessary at we keep developing and follow time. This is also why every year we participate and visit food fairs around Europe. We collect inspiration and create new relationships abroad.
All in an effort to continue to give the consumers the very best taste- and quality experience.

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