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As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of cakes with a well-consolidated network, we are a strong business partner with sales established around the world.


We offer a wide range of cakes and covers classics such as swiss rolls and loaf cakes, but also muffins, mini cakes and various bake-off products.


We continuously develop new products by seeking and looking into trends – both home and abroad. Every year we participate and visit food fairs in Europe, where we harvest inspiration.


We follow the HACCP principles to ensure a high level of food safety and furthermore we are IFS and BRC certified.


Are we your new business partner? Check our product folders below and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Our World of Frozen Cakes


The Muffin Empire




Innovation 2018

Giant cake -bake off   Muffins - Bake off

Giant Cakes - Bake off        Muffins - Bake off


Creamy Cakes  Classic Cakes

Premium Cakes                      Classic Cakes



Muffins                              Single-pack Muffins

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