When tradition meets innovation


Creamy swiss rolls, juicy cut cakes, delicious muffins and the legendary lemon half moon are just a part of the world of cakes that we offer. It gives a good impression of the diversity, which is accomplished through innovation but with respect for the eminent Danish bakery traditions.
Every day cakes are baked – many cakes; following the most beloved recipes. All while we in our product development work to refine the recipes and continuously develop new exiting recipes.


Respect for the sources and surroundings


To us the words of respect for sources and surrounding means a goodbye to eggs from caged hens – a decision that was made years back. It also means that we have chosen to produce our own fruitfillings, creams and glazes following special developed recipes and we use natural colours and flavours whenever possible. All of this to give our products the very best conditions.

Furthermore we are very aware of our impact on the environment surrounding us – both people and nature which is why we have implemented several actions to minimize the footprint we leave behind.


We welcome you to our world of cakes!



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